Let us introduce ourselves

Written by Patrick Torres
Let us introduce ourselves

Hi, we are Freight

We are a team of three designers that have been working together for a few years. We want to start this thing out on the right foot, so we thought that we would tell you a little about why we decided to build a company instead of working for the man.

We believe that good design should be accessible. For too long, big design agencies have widened the gap between quality design and small businesses. We want to work with people who are determined and focused to make something great.

All three of us have been working as hired guns and solo entrepreneurs for years, so we know what it means to put your all into something, work late nights and forego things like vacations and benefits. But more importantly, we understand the feeling of being compelled to do something different.

We believe that good design adds value to the world. Thinking beyond what you normally do can inspire new ways to think about problem solving and influence the way people interact with everyday things.  

Lastly, we are doing this for us. We love design and we love helping companies with their problems. We love what we do and we do it with purpose. If this sounds like something you can get on board with, then we should talk. In the meantime, check out some of our work and see how we do this thing!